andiamo health

Andiamo Health is a bridge that will guide you on your journey in health. These educational programs provide logical information that can help you to understand the nature of your suffering and provide you with tools to go beyond where you are now.  

Let The Journey Begin


Uncover the foundation of knowledge and logic that will explain your suffering.


Identify your priorities and embark on a journey to overcome your suffering.


Apply tangible steps to address the root cause our your suffering.

Fall Prevention & Protection

Improve balance. Restore independence. A fall occurs every 13 seconds in the US resulting in over $30 billion dollars of suffering. Treat the source of imbalance with a comprehensive approach that respects your innate ability to heal.

Pain & Function

Spinal pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide. Pain is not the enemy. Disability is the enemy. With the tools in this program you can claim you freedom from suffering. 

Follow As We Build

This project began out of frustration with the limitations in resources given to those who suffer the most. It is my intention to provide a valuable tool for all that will enhance knowledge, skills, and outlook on life. Thank you for joining the movement. -Roger Mignosa, DO


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